Laurel County Sheriff John Root Announces the annual "Click It or Ticket" seat belt enforcement mobilization

The Laurel County Sheriff's Office is joining with other agencies in Laurel and surrounding counties for the annual "Click It or Ticket" seat belt enforcement mobilization. That runs from May 20 through June 2nd which includes Memorial Day weekend.

Corbin Police have arrested a London woman they say stole her roommate’s debit card and overdrew the account

Corbin Police have arrested a London woman they say got hold of her roommate’s debit card and stole $1,700 for her bank account, overdrawing that account. Tiffany Marie Elliott, 22, has been charged with possession of stolen mail, theft by deception under $10,000 and theft-receipt of stolen credit/debit card. According to Corbin Police Det. Sgt. Bill Rose, police were contacted by Chrystal Wright’s family about the missing money. Rose said Wright’s mail was being delivered to a post office box. Elliott allegedly took the mail including the debit card and withdrew money from various ATM machines in the Corbin area over a three-day period between May 6 and May 9. Rose added that on May 9, Wright was on life support at St. Joseph-London after suffering a head injury. It is unknown whether Wright fell or was struck in the head. Rose said because the injury occurred in Laurel County, it has been referred to the Laurel County Sheriff’s office. Deputy Gilbert Acciardo, public affairs officer at the sheriff’s office said Detective Charlie Loomis is working to determine whether another crime has occurred. Elliott is lodged in the Whitley County Detention Center.

Laurel County Sheriff John Root announces the promotions of two deputies

Laurel County Sheriff John Root has announced the recent promotions of two deputies within the sheriff's office: Sgt Chuck Johnson has been promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant. The position ranks 3rd in the command structure, directly under the sheriff, and captain. Lieutenant Johnson has 18 years experience in law enforcement. Also Deputy Brett Reeves was promoted from deputy to Sergeant. Sgt Reeves has 10 years of law enforcement experience and is a member of the Laurel County Sheriff's Special Response Unit.

Jackson County Sheriff Denny Peyman suggests principals and some teachers be deputized and armed

Jackson County Sheriff Denny Peyman put a proposal before the local school board suggesting principals and some teachers be deputized and armed. He wants Jackson County principals trained to have as much authority as an actual deputy. But, not everyone in the county is on board with the proposal. The school board will have to approve the measure before any changes are made.

Fight Leads To Stabbing In Barbourville

A Barbourville man says he is a stabbing victim. The suspect's family says it was self-defense. Barbourville police say 54 year old Lonnie Davis stabbed 57 year old Charles Danny Henson Sunday night. Police say the two men were drunk. Henson says they were at a neighbor's home and got into a fight. Barbourville police arrested and charged Davis with assault. Police are still investigating. Jail officials say Lonnie Davis posted a five thousand dollar bond and is on home incarceration.

An Eastern Kentucky eye doctor faces federal fraud charges

An Eastern Kentucky eye doctor faces federal fraud charges. Court documents show Doctor Philip Robinson of Associates in Eye Care in Somerset is accused of filing fraudulent claims to Medicare and Medicaid. Robinson is also accused of providing monthly examinations to nursing home patients that were excessive and in multiple instances claimed to treat more than 100 patients in a single day. If found guilty, Associates in Eye Care and Doctor Robinson would owe between five and ten thousand dollars per false claim.

An escapee from Ohio is now behind bars in London

An East Bernstadt man escaped from police in Cincinnati last month after they arrested him for shoplifting. Police say he was somehow able to slip out of his handcuffs, reach his hand through the open window of the police cruiser, open the door and make a run for it. Monday, Kentucky State Police and Laurel County sheriff's deputies captured 28-year-old Ryan P. Wolf a few miles east of London. Wolf says he was trying to avoid any more trouble. Instead, he faces the charge of Fugitive from Another State, on top of the original charges. After arraignment in Kentucky, police say Wolf will have the option to either waive extradition and return to Ohio to face charges, or wait for Ohio to file paperwork to bring him back to the Buckeye State.

Laurel Co. Police arrest woman after reportedly calling in a false incident while high on drugs

Police have arrested a woman after they say she called them to report a false incident while high on drugs. The Laurel County Sheriff's Office says early Monday morning, Rosemary McDaniel, 46, flagged down some people on Sinking Creek Road and told them trespassers were on her property. Police say she then called 911 and reported the same thing. When deputies showed up, they say they found that no one had been on McDaniel's property. She's been charged with falsely reporting an incident, public intoxication, and disorderly conduct.

Union College Cutting Staff

Union College recently eliminated eleven jobs as part of a restructuring at the school that administrators say aims to make the college more efficient. The Corbin Times-Tribune reports ten of the jobs eliminated were full time positions. Seven were staff members and three were faculty, one was a part time cut. The staff cuts came last week while the faculty jobs were cut two weeks ago. Director of the school's office of communications says faculty member’s course loads and seniority were among the factors examined.

Laurel Co. police investigating the attempted abduction of a 15 year old girl

Laurel County Sheriff John Root is reporting the Department is investigating the attempted abduction of a 15 year old girl from her home in Corbin. According to the report Carl Dewayne Miller age 41 reportedly had been following following her while she was walking home. He allegedly offered her drugs and tried to force her to go with him. She pulled free and ran to a neighbor’s home for help. Miller fled the scene and eventually was arrested by Kentucky State Police after a call about a man prowling around a gas station. He was charged with Public Intoxication and later charged with Attempted Abduction of a Minor. He is being held in the Laurel County Detention Facility. Miller reportedly has been living out of his van and served 10 years in prison on robbery and murder charges.